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About Us

Equipping People through the Word of God

We believe that God has called us to live on mission by transforming lives and communities through the power of God's love. It is our heart's desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring hope to the lost, minister to our country, and show Christ-like love as we are commanded in the book of John.

 Miranda Ferguson Ed.D


Dr. Ferguson is the visionary founder and President of Stepping Forward Ministries, a Christian organization based in Houston, Texas.​ Her academic journey led to an Ed.D in Curriculum Development from Walden University, highlighting her steadfast dedication to education. This passion for learning also led her to earn a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Masters in Elementary Education, and a Bachelor's in Business Management from the esteemed University of Mobile.

​Miranda's professional career spans over two decades. Her journey reached its highest point when she emerged as a Professor in Education. However, the call to ministry resounded deeply within her, urging her to forge a new path. This decision led her to establish Stepping Forward Ministries – a mission grounded in faith and fortified by unwavering conviction.​


In a heartwarming chapter of her story, Miranda and Jeremy's married in 2014. As a blended family, their story intertwines with the lives of eight children.​ Beyond her roles as a dedicated parent and partner, Miranda finds fulfillment in her service to the praise and worship team at her local church. She also treasures moments spent with friends and family, seeks adventure through travel and snow skiing, and nurtures her soul with visits to the sandy shores of her coastal hometown.​


Excitingly, Miranda is extending her reach to the realm of podcasting with "Southern Soul Chats."   Season One, titled "Deeper Waters,"will launch on September 4, 2023. Anticipate a series of insightful and transformative weekly episodes, accessible across all major podcast platforms.​  Furthermore, Dr. Ferguson's expertise and charisma provides opportunities as a speaker to share her story of God's call to Step Forward. Her engaging and empowering messages provide a platform to share her wisdom and insights on faith, family, and personal growth.


​Dr. Ferguson's journey is a testament to empowerment, faith, and the boundless rewards of heeding one's calling. Her commitment to Stepping Forward Ministries, her forthcoming podcast, and upcoming speaking engagements collectively showcase her dedication to uplifting hearts and minds of those she serves. 

Meet The Board

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