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About Us

At the heart of our ministry is a deep desire to teach the unwavering truths in the Word of God, and to bring hope and light to the world. We believe that vibrant, active, and authentic faith is the best way to show the transformative power of the Gospel in our relationships and communities. Central to our mission is the belief that equipping people to step forward in their relationship with Christ can empower them to embrace their calling and live out God's purpose for their lives.

Our primary goal is to encourage and support others in their faith journeys through teaching, written and verbal communications, and other forms of media. The main avenue in which we are currently doing this is our podcast, “Southern Soul Chats,” which features episodes filled with testimonies, teaching, and messages of hope. We are also active in fundraising and community support, as we believe that these actions live out the important commandment Jesus gave in John 13:34 to “love one another: just as I have loved you...”

 Dr. Ferguson

Dr. Miranda Ferguson is the founder and president of Stepping Forward Ministries, a Christian organization based in Houston, Texas. After a career in education and marriage and family therapy that spanned over two decades, Miranda felt a distinct and life-altering call to leave behind familiar roads and “step forward” onto a new path of full-time ministry. Miranda is motivated by the deep conviction that the timeless truths in God’s steadfast Word can transform, sustain, and equip anyone who hears them. She also believes that when these truths are put into practice in our daily lives, they can foster hope and produce lasting positive impact in our communities. 


Dr. Ferguson's life journey is a testament to God’s grace, love, provision, faithfulness, and goodness. She is grateful for the platform she now has to share her story, to enable others to share theirs, and to share the powerful message of love and redemption found in Jesus Christ. Miranda has been a guest speaker at churches in Texas and Alabama. Her podcast “Southern Soul Chats” has reached thousands in the United States and internationally, and the social media marketing of Stepping Forward Ministries has already reached tens of thousands of people all over the world. Through her fundraising efforts and community involvement, Stepping Forward Ministries has helped families in need in the Houston area, and connected many to valuable resources available in their communities. Miranda is humbled and inspired by the way that God continues to move through the ministry and is praying in faith that He will do mighty works in the future. She endeavors to “step forward” in obedience and faith and hopes to equip others to do the same.


In addition to being the founder and president of Stepping Forward Ministries, Miranda is a wife to her husband Jeremy, and their blended family intertwines with the lives of eight children. She serves on the praise and worship team at her local church, and treasures time spent with friends and family. Miranda seeks adventure through travel and snow skiing and nurtures her soul with visits to the sandy shores of her coastal hometown.



Ed.D in Curriculum Development - Walden University

Education Specialist Higher Education - Walden University

Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy – University of Mobile

Masters in Elementary Education – University of Mobile

Bachelor's in Business Management - University of Mobile

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